Is it in my head or do I really have Super Powers?

This is something I have felt or experienced from an early age. It usually occurs when I am waking up after a good nights sleep, that period where the sub-conscious part of your thoughts returns to the conscious I suppose; I'm not an expert on this so bear with me as this is the first time I have ever written these thoughts down. For a long time I thought that if I just concentrated hard enough, I could move objects…

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Rush Limbaugh

The incredible 2016 political campaign season is as if the Lord himself (Jesus Christ) has put hands on it to use it to reveal the depth of corruption in this country. AKA: The running terror we see with the GOP political party, the MSM and so many of the talking heads are being revealed as part of the grans Luciferian scheme from the Illuminates and Freemasons. Case in point Rush Limbaugh a suspected Illuminati member that has been hiding in…

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