I know, you’re probably saying to yourself – “I barely have time to post on my social media sites, write blog posts and keep up with all the day-to-day tasks that come with owning a business and now, you’re introducing me to one more piece of the puzzle which I need to incorporate into an already overloaded schedule! (LOL)

Well, if bringing in new business and attaining your goals isn’t what you really want or need to do in order to be successful, then read no further.

However, if you’re interested in adding yet another tool to your inbound marketing repertoire, then keep reading.…

An e-Newsletter is a great way to keep your name in front of your customers/prospects while delivering information that is valuable to them.  It’s also a great way to keep your name in front of them even if they don’t need your services right now.
Although an e-Newsletter is a great way to keep in front of your prospects, there is a whole different strategy involved in that process (covered in a forthcoming post – Part II).  This article will focus on an e-Newsletter for your current customer base.
An e-Newsletter also provides you with a platform to talk about your products and services in a more casual and conversational way and helps you to continually build relationships with your readers.

It works for all types of businesses and with a little creative thinking, you can tailor it to your customers’ needs and your company’s growth.

For example, let’s say you’re in the pool and hot tub business.  You’re starting to build a steady clientele and want to continue building relationships and creating more income opportunities.

What better way to accomplish this than to publish an e-Newsletter to your new and existing customers that provides a wealth of information, such as tips they can use to keep their pools and hot tubs functioning properly and also give ideas for landscaping and other related products that will add to their continued enjoyment.

Remember that your intent is to eventually sell them upgrades, add-on products and ongoing supplies as well as priming them for referrals, but this needs to be subtly hinted at while interspersed with valuable and useful content.   

Another creative idea is to approach other business owners that you can develop a reciprocal marketing relationship with.  (You promote them with your inbound marketing strategy and they do likewise for you.)  Examples of this would be landscapers, nurseries, patio furniture dealers, etc.  You get the picture, right?

enewsletterAlso in your e-Newsletter, you can run some specials for your “readers only” and maybe some contests to keep them engaged while continually pointing them to your blog and social media sites.

The content and contests should be something that your customers would be anxious and willing to share on social media.  This is referred to as “social proof” and will draw in their friends on various sites and could lead to future customers.

As you develop your e-Newsletter, it’s a good idea to also create and publish various videos.  Some videos can be for introducing yourself and your staff, others for showcasing your products and services, as well as customer testimonials.

Some people love to read and others love videos, so don’t be afraid to mix it up and even offer some of the same content in both formats.  Both the written article and duplicate video can be published right in the e-Newsletter.  

The best way to accomplish this is to put a summary of the e-Newsletter in the email and a link to the full article and video on your blog.  This provides the ability for you to lead them to other sections of your website with special offers via banner ads and pop-ups. It also allows you to insert share buttons that will easily let them share the article on their favorite social media site(s) and lead their friends not only to your article but also to your products, services and offers.  

As you write your e-Newsletter, remember to write with your customer’s needs and wants in mind.  Ask yourself what kinds of things would you like to see a company providing to you?

Another good idea is to always be leading the customer to your other inbound marketing tools such as your social media accounts and blog.  Keep giving reasons to visit these other marketing venues so your customers remember you and help you bring in new business — an effective branding strategy.

If done correctly, an e-Newsletter can be a valuable resource for your customers and a source of continued business for your company.

Look for more information in Part II on the e-Newsletter strategy for prospects.